Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research

Patients & Families

Study participants play a crucial role in the discovery of new knowledge to prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

Patients and families often wonder how they can contribute to scientific knowledge and the development of new treatments for diseases that impact their lives. By enrolling in clinical studies, patients play a crucial role in contributing to knowledge about human disease.

Alzheimer’s disease increases in prevalence with age, and preventing or delaying Alzheimer's disease onset depends on early treatment. Developing effective treatments depends on new discoveries into where, how and when Alzheimer’s starts, and patients can help unlock answers to these questions.

The brain is composed of multiple interconnected biological systems — neuronal, glial, immune and vascular — and most have been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegeneration. Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases require collaborative thinking across disciplines in basic and clinical research to generate the knowledge needed to advance prevention, treatments and cures. The Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research spans all levels of analyses and combines these strengths with renowned physicians and clinical scientists. The center bridges foundational and clinical research, including working directly with patients and families.

For questions about Alzheimer's disease research at the Carney Institute for Brain Science, please contact Joslynn Faustino, Associate Director of Clinical and Translational Research, Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research.

Clinical Programs

Information about clinical programs and resources available through Brown’s affiliated hospitals.

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