Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research


A world-class research center focused on early detection and individualized treatment.

With support from two generous gifts totaling $30 million, Brown University established the Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research in April 2021 with the aim of building a world-class research program focused on early detection and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. 

The mission of the Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research is to catalyze collaborations across basic and clinical research groups at Brown and its affiliated hospitals to uncover when, where and how Alzheimer’s disease first arises. The center is a joint initiative between Brown’s Robert J. and Nancy D. Carney Institute for Brain Science and the University's Division of Biology and Medicine

Housed within the Carney Institute, the center supports and enables team research projects that integrate knowledge across biological systems in humans, including behavioral, neural, vascular and immune. Areas of cutting-edge research include inflammation, metabolism, bioinformatics, gerosciences and cellular protein/RNA processing.

Alzheimer's Disease Research at Brown


Principal Investigators affiliated with Brown and partner hospitals with NIH funding for Alzheimer's research in 2020


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Alzheimer's disease clinical trials involve researchers at Brown and its affiliated hospitals